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    ACE MIATA’S AND MORE is a one of a kind dealership. I focus on late model 2016 and newer Mazda Miata MX5 cars. Why? Why not! I am a Miata nut and I think ever one should have one. Driving a Miata is the most legal fun you can have in a car. Ok I admit that Miatas are not for every one. If a Miata is not for you then close this page and go find yourself a big fat SUV. However if you are a Miata enthusiast like I am and you like to save thousands of dollars, ACE MIATA’S AND MORE is your source for this amazing legal Stimulant for THOUSANDS less than you would pay at a regular dealership. How do I offer these cars for $5000 less than normal pricing. Its simply, I buy cars at auction with damage and then meticulously repair them back to fully functional safe, beautiful cars. I will never get rich doing this but I will help a few folks find their smile again. I will also RESCUE a few brave Miatas from being cannibalized for having protected their owners in a moment of inattention. So if you are on board with all of this, come by and pick your RESCUE Miata today and find your smile!